Schöpferlust offers programs that help leaders expand their leadership skills, inner diversity, and ability to innovate.

When people in a company lead from their strength and passion, new energy is generated and released throughout the organization. Those who lead in such a manner remain consistently centered, take themselves and others seriously, and recognize the specific strengths and diversity in those around them. Diversity takes on a whole new meaning here, as the appreciation of “others” begins within ourselves. Appreciating our own inner diversity enables the innovative strength of “otherness” to expand at all levels.


Leadership always begins inside of ourselves. Sensing our inner core and our personal passion. Burning for something that is bigger than ourselves. It means being present, connected to our inner self. Sensing our heart. Acting from within.

Leadership manifests itself in action – walk the talk! Your attitude is expressed by the way you act. The right attitude impacts and inspires those around you.

Leadership is movement and conscious stillness. It is expansion and contraction, inhaling and exhaling. It means moving things and allowing oneself to be moved.

Leadership means shaping – sensing one’s own will and shaping things and events with others as part of a universal force of design. It means taking responsibility, while also acting on your desires.

Leadership based on affection for others always seeks to bring out the best in people – to take them seriously and give them responsibility. Curiosity and openness are the key, as everyone has the potential to shape the universe.

Leadership is organizational development, since every action shapes the way the culture of an organization is put into to practice.

Inner Diversity

The familiar ground. Normal, adequate, desirable. Meeting expectations. Autopilot. Homogeneous, safe, and predictable.

Change and development occur when we open up. When we expand the familiar scope of our approaches. When we focus our attention on new and different aspects.

Diversity means recognizing strength and creative potential in others. New ideas can only originate from a realm that is truly different from the familiar. Diversity offers the opportunity to re-experience ourselves and reshape the world around us.

Inner diversity. The ability to recognize something different in ourselves and allow it to flourish – the contradictions, the subconscious, the hitherto unknown in ourselves.

Those who wish to promote diversity must invite it into their lives and the lives of those around them. They must make audible the silent unheard voices that surround us – uncover the yearning that exists and adopt points of view that at first seem to have little practical meaning. Those who wish to promote diversity must explore new realms and discover surprising new perspectives. New horizons that lead to a common understanding of culture and human interaction. A common foundation that has little to do with conventional concepts of the right and wrong way of doing things.


Vision and yearning. Structure establishes a framework. The idea.

Joy to create. A bumpy path. Persistence.

Expanding horizons. Learning to trust. To fall. To stand up again. Success. Learning from mistakes.

Arguing. Experiencing frustration. Not knowing what the result will be. Moving ahead. Being found. Believing in something. Budget. Time pressure. A sudden realization.

Being open. Letting go yet still holding on. Deadline. Listening and observing. Abandoning? Relax. Play. Embark upon new paths. Try out new things. Coffee. Candy. Courage. Luck. Wait. Forget about the time. Be unreasonable. Follow your intuition. Experience. Prototype. Belief. Make a decision. Persevere when in doubt. Yes. No. Stay in touch. Imagination. Be honest. Forget perfection. Why? Cancel. Stay present. Sense the essence. Focus. Passion. Deal with criticism. Get loud. Laugh. Fatigue. Exercise authority. Delete. And delete again. And again! Repeat yourself. Nothing new really. Won’t work. Persevere. Fun. Go beyond your limits. Queasiness. Deal with fear. Keep going until you feel it. Getting there.

Innovation results from targeted insecurity. Innovation means making possible an undertaking that is (virtually) impossible.